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Features of professional boxing bets

Features of professional boxing bets

There are many strategies for betting on boxing. Although sometimes it seems that this sport is easier to predict than, for example, soccer, due to the fact that it is a one-on-one fight and not an 11-on-11 match. To make money in boxing, we not only need the appropriate knowledge. It is also important to adhere to certain rules. Below we have outlined some very useful tips from the best boxers.

Use statistics

Statistics are the key to success when it comes to sports betting. Therefore, before you decide to bet on a duel of professional boxers, check as much data related to a particular fight as possible. Find out not only the balance of individual fights, but also the number of fights they have won previously. This will open you up to betting on non-standard events, such as betting on a round or when a fight will end. It’s also worth checking their place in the world rankings of the top organizations. Remember that the more information you get, the better your chances of winning big. For example, Boxrec portal is a very good source of data.

Check what kind of form the boxers are in.

When analyzing both opponents, it is worth paying attention to the last few fights. You should consider not only whether they won or lost, but also how their last fights ended and what grade their opponents were in. Often a given player may have a decidedly worse balance than his opponent, but it may be in his possession after, say, his last win over a one-class competitor. On the other hand, it is just a fact that flawless entries may look very attractive at first glance, but if the fighter has not yet been tested by any particular fighter, we cannot determine his class, and therefore putting him in competition with an experienced player is very risky.

Take physical fitness and strength into account

Physical conditions are undoubtedly one of the most important elements that we must take into account. It is clear that an advantage in height and arm span gives a fighter a good handicap against a smaller opponent, giving him a number of additional opportunities to control the course of the fight. If, at the same time, he is not inferior to his opponent in boxing skills, it is clear that it is in this larger player that we should see as the favorite. An example of an athlete who combines these two elements is Tyson Fury, who, in addition to being a giant, has amazing technique that makes him a true top boxer. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, such as Mike Tyson in his prime years, but as we know, the exception only proves the rule. So let’s take note of the famous ring maxim that says, “A good big boxer will always beat a good little boxer.”

Keep track of what happened before the fight

The meeting of boxers in the ring is usually preceded by months of preparation, which, of course, can be used in different ways. Today, thanks to social media, we can follow the training camps of most top fighters. During that time, they can sweat it out in the gym or gorge themselves on fast food and spend money left and right. A great example of a wasted preparation period is Andy Ruiz Jr. for his rematch against Anthony Joshua. The Mexican-born American set an example to young boxing adepts of how not to behave before an important fight. Ruiz entered the ring with a huge advantage (even for him) and showed his weak side by losing all the heavyweight division belts he had won a few months earlier. Therefore, it is important to know if the player is really focused on reaching his goal or if he is going through a “steep” phase at the moment.


In modern professional boxing, there are a large number of player federations from around the world. Nevertheless, four of them are considered the most prestigious and are taken most seriously. They are the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF. Let’s learn a little more about them.

World Boxing Council (WBC)

The organization is currently considered the most prestigious in the world of professional boxing. It was founded in 1963 at the initiative of the then president of Mexico, Adolfo Lopez Mateos. Currently, it unites 161 member countries. The president of the organization is Mauricio Suleiman. The seat of the organization is in Mexico City.

World Boxing Association (WBA)

The oldest of the four major boxing federations. It was founded in the United States in 1921 and was originally called the NBA (National Boxing Association). Its headquarters is located in Panama City, Panama. The current president is Gilberto Mendoza Jr.

World Boxing Organization (WBO)

The youngest of the great boxing organizations, the WBO was founded in 1988, at the initiative of former WBA members, who were unhappy with the image of the rules, introduced by the organization. The WBO, headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is currently presided by Francisco Vaccarcel.

International Boxing Federation (IBF)

The IBF, like the WBO, was founded at the initiative of former WBA members after American Robert W. Lee Sr. was not elected as head of the organization and left the ranks along with a group of other activists. The IBF is headquartered in Springfield, New Jersey, and its current president is Daryl J. Peeples.