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How to bet on hockey – the most interesting bets

How to bet on hockey - the most interesting bets

Let’s list the most popular bets on the fans’ favorite sport

Hockey is considered to be the fastest of the classic team sports. Obviously, it is most popular in northern countries such as the Nordic countries, Canada, the United States and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Many betting enthusiasts bet on this sport with their betting coupons at bookmakers’ offices. In our next guide, prepared with experts, we will bring you a little closer to this most interesting discipline in terms of working with hockey in bookmakers. And we will learn how and what to bet on to get a solid profit from it.

At the beginning of our text, we prepared a list of the most popular hockey markets, which you can find in the offers of legal Belarusian online bookmakers.


The basic three-way market for the outcome of the meeting. The player’s task is to correctly predict the result of the meeting after three periods, and the choices are home win, draw and away win. The odds for this event tend to be higher than for soccer due to the slightly more unpredictable nature of the discipline.


An interesting type of betting in which only two options are available: a win for the home team and a win for the visitors. In case of a draw after 60 minutes of regular time, the bet will be settled as a refund.


In hockey, there is always a winner. In the case of a tie during the main time, overtime is traditionally declared, and in the case of a penalty shootout is awarded. With this two-way bet, a player can increase his chances of winning if there is no final winner within 60 minutes.


The offer of bookmakers also includes bets on the result of a selected period of the match. Traditionally, a hockey match consists of three periods of 20 minutes. As a rule, bets on periods are calculated with good odds.

Betting on goals below / above

It is no coincidence that the term “hockey score” is used in soccer. This is due to the high number of goals scored in this popular winter sport. As in the case of soccer, this market is certainly worthy of attention because, depending on the offensive and defensive potential of individual teams, you can predict the number of goals in a match with a high degree of probability.


Another bet that is probably not new to soccer fans. In the case of hockey, this market can be very lucrative, but also more demanding. The current position of the team plays an important role in this discipline. However, if the team is on a roll, it is definitely worth considering betting your winnings on the handicap.


Because of the fact that a lot of goals are scored in hockey, predicting this market is certainly not easy. As you can easily guess, it is not very popular among predictors, but the odds are usually very high.


In top hockey leagues, such as the NHL and KHL, there is no shortage of great players capable of scoring series goals. Thus, betting on goal scorers can be very profitable, especially if we have up-to-date information on the form of individual hockey players.

What kind of bets to choose – you decide for yourself. Betting on hockey is recommended for those who closely follow the success of their home team and understand all the twists and turns of this fascinating sport!