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Betting on cybersports: how to bet on cyber soccer?

Betting on cybersports: how to bet on cyber soccer?

Cybersports have become a part of our life. Computer games are popular not only among gamers, but also among betting fans. An overwhelming number of bookmakers actively include in their lists of bets on cybersports. One popular direction is cyber soccer. It is based on a popular simulator – FIFA. Bettors bet on the same items that are in real soccer – outcomes, totals, handicaps, individual totals, betting on halves, goals and other events. Let’s find out in detail how it happens in reality.

Betting on cyber soccer now

There are two types of cyber soccer betting that need to be clearly distinguished. The first is betting on matches involving live players running their teams. The second type of betting is on computer simulation. That is, the teams are controlled by a computer (virtual soccer). The difference between these types of cyber soccer is significant. In the first case the human factor is decisive, and in the second – the computer models and algorithms embedded in them.

When you open the line of a bookmaker, you need to find bets on cyber soccer. As a rule, the name contains FIFA.

Live betting on cyber football

Almost all more or less significant tournaments and matches on computer soccer are broadcast on the sites of bookmakers’ offices. And it’s logical, because you can make bets during the games. But unlike real soccer, halves in cyber soccer last 4 minutes.

During this short period of time it is necessary to make a bet. And this is where the “One Click” option comes in handy, when with one touch the bettor registers a bet.

What is very important, the live broadcasts are without delays and in good quality. That is, bettors will be able to bet both from a computer and a smartphone from the application, or mobile version:

Betting on cybersports: how to bet on cyber soccer?

On not losing to the losing team

The essence is that the bettor chooses a match in which two equal teams create dangerous moments, but one leads with a margin of 1 goal. If the odds of the losing team not to lose in the region of 2.3-2.5, and it really creates dangerous moments, it means betting on 1X or X2, that is, on a non-win. This is a good and promising market for long-term betting. After all, goals in cyber soccer are scored with high frequency in the matches of attacking opponents.

No need to worry about frequent losses. After all, a large odds will fix everything. To understand how much profit such bets with odds 2.4 will bring, let’s calculate the profit depending on the percentage of winnings:

That is, to make a profit of 15% of bets with odds 2.4 you need to guess 48% of bets. And if you choose the offices or situations with higher odds, you can increase your profit or earn the same, but with a lower percentage of winnings.

Total more in halves

Betting on cybersports is good because the player gets a quick calculation of his gaming slip. Literally a few minutes, and it is clear whether to win or lose. One such market is a bet on the total more in the halftime of the game. Again, the emphasis is on high odds, more than 2.

The secret is very simple. We choose one or more matches in the live playlist, where the teams have not scored a single goal by halftime. As a rule, the odds for a TB(1.5) in such a case are often higher than 2. It is a standard approach, when after the “dry” first half the quotes for the “tops” increase and the “bottoms” decrease.

Only those games are suitable, in which the opponents need to win and create dangerous chances. In this case, the probability of two goals after the break is not insignificant. In the bookmaker’s office, you need to find online statistics, the standings and the results of recent face-to-face meetings between the opponents. If there were a lot of goals and the motivation of the opponents remains, then there is a reason to bet on TB (1.5).

Betting on a draw

With a cursory acquaintance with the offers of bookmakers on computer soccer noticed that the odds on a draw often exceed 4.

Moreover, often such quotes are put on duels of equal teams. Given these odds there is a natural desire to bet on “X’s”. And it should not be a one-time bet, but systematic, focusing on long-term profits.

And here we can apply several betting schemes – flat with a fixed percentage or a variation of catch-up – Fibonacci, the 2 out of 6 system. Let’s analyze each method.

Flat. This is the simplest and most accessible method of betting. The player determines the percentage of the bank depending on the odds. In our case the events are evaluated by the average odds 4. So it is justified to allocate about 2% of the current bank for betting. The task is to win at least 32.5% of deals in order to get 30% from the turnover.

“2 out of 6 System”. Progressive catch-up scheme, in which the bettor keeps good chances for the total profit by the results of many bets. The player allocates 3-4 banks to the strategy, and makes many bets according to the following scheme:


Here each item means a percentage of one pot. The goal is to win 2 bets out of 6 attempts. If it can be done earlier, the cycle stops and the bettor starts a new one. If 5 attempts turned out to be losing, the bettor still bets, because the winning can compensate all previous losses. The condition for betting is the minimum odds of 3. We have an average odds of 4, so the financial strategy is perfect.

Calculations for all possible scenarios for the scheme “2 out of 6” give bettors good prospects for stable profits.

Another financial betting scheme built on the principle of catch-up. It is often used for trades on soccer draws. As it turns out, Fibonacci is even better suited for cyber soccer. And here it is advisable to allocate several banks, but the calculation of the bet is determined from one bank. After each loss, the size of the next deal is determined by adding up the previous two. As a result, the following chain of transactions is obtained:


Again, each element means a percentage of one pot. As soon as one manages to win, the bettor returns to 1% of the pot for betting. The minimum odds for betting on the Fibonacci system is 2.6. Recall that we have an average odds of 4, which means there will be no problem finding a suitable match.

In case of winning at any step of catch-up it will be possible to win back all money spent in the cycle and come out in the black. And, with each step, the size of the winnings increases. Don’t worry about eight consecutive losses. After all, in that case, the player will lose 88% of one pot. After all, the recommendation states that it is necessary to allocate several banks. In other words, a large bank is divided into 3-5 parts, from each of which the percentage for betting is determined.


Convinced that cyber soccer is a promising discipline for betting in bookmakers. Bettors find favorable offers in the pre-match and in-play rosters and effectively use financial and special strategies. If you use your balance sheet rationally, you can win consistently and avoid painful drawdowns of the bank.